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Sangson (, sent on 11.03.2014, 18:43
Hey,this is an AWESOME site.Just discovered it via Malkiss´page on deviantart.
As a German I´m wondering whether the prices are somewhere to set to a different currency,and furthermore of course if the company ships to Germany at all.
I´d be super happy for an eMail with the info!
And if you can´t switch currencies but order to Germany I got my converter ready..I need about all products of this site for my girl...
Milena Dutkiewicz (, sent on 08.08.2012, 17:29
I wanted to know what are the measurement of the XXL lack material. And what are the cost of shipping it to Poland.
I am interested in buying red and black lack material. Red piece 1,5x3 meters and black 1,5x2 meters. How much it would cost and what would be cost for shipping that to Poland?
skinonskin (, sent on 07.02.2011, 14:34
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