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Terms and conditions

1. All orderes made in our internet shop are obligatory.
2. By confirmation of an order the customer confirms that he was familiarized with the return polices and these terms and conditions.
3. With second and every other order, we guarantee a 5% discount except the merchandise in Privilage Purchases. Discount can be claimed within 6 months since the last order.
4. The place of delivery is an address stated by the customer in a purchase order form.
5. The price for shipping and handling is not included in a price for the product.
Times of delivery
1. All merchandise orded by a customer is expedited within 4-6 weeks since the date of order.
2. In case of a longer time of delivery, the customer is informed by e-mail or by phone.
3. All shipments are sent via delivery service DHL in a discreet package with a sender's post address.
4. Charges for shipping and handling are 25 Euro for Europe and USA.
Protection of personal information
1. All personal information, which are mandatory for the order fulfilment, are considered discreet. We will not give the personal information to any other side under any circumstances.
Return Merchandise Authorization
1. The buyer is obliged to closely examine the delivered goods without a delay and inform the seller about eventual flaws by e-mail within 5 days since the delivery. An exact descritpion of the flaw is required.
2. In case of a damage by shipping, it is necessary to discuss the return with the carrier and eventualy write down a return record or don't take the delivery.
Exchange of merchandise
1. Refund or exchange of merchandise is possible only in a case that the delivered merchandise does not match the merchandise ordered (e.g. wrong color, size etc.) and within 5 days since the delivery.
2. Because we sell merchandise that comes into tight contact with the skin, it is not possible to return once bought merchandise for a hygienical reasons.
1. By sending of electronic orded the buyer acknowledges all terms and conditions in the wording valid on the day the order is sent, as well as the price of the ordered merchandise (including shipping and handling) written in the interent shop, with the exeption of the documented agreement that states differently. By sending an order, the buyer is bound.

Terms and Conditions take effect since 1st August 2006

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